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Our Story

This Year In A (tiny) Nutshell

Last August, our house was devastated by water damage, and since then, we’ve faced continuous challenges. Insurance issues have significantly compounded our difficulties with delays, lies, and ridiculous hoops to jump through, resulting in a mediation settlement that is only a third of the quoted cost to restore our home.

Following advice to seek legal assistance, we were referred to one of the best insurance law firms in Michigan. Even though the attorney sympathized with us and had nothing good to say about Meemic or the individuals we were working with on their behalf, unfortunately, due to Michigan’s lack of protective insurance laws, we do not have any recourse to recover what we are owed. This has left us in an incredibly challenging position, as we navigate the complexities of rebuilding our home without the money we should have received.

Throughout this ordeal, we’ve been blessed with the support of amazing friends and family who have offered their time and resources to help us with what we can manage now. We are incredibly thankful for every helping hand and piece of advice we’ve received. However, we still face a significant shortfall of nearly $100,000 to meet our original repair quote. We are currently sorting out what we can handle to do ourselves in an effort to reduce the cost of the rebuild (with the help of some truly amazing friends and family who have offered their services) and without further straining our family and young kids during this already difficult year.

In an effort to chip away at funds needed for what will be hired out, I’ve partnered with my wonderfully talented friend and illustrator, Beatriz McDonald, to create two printable artwork pieces available for purchase. Each print is a recommended donation of $15.

We are profoundly grateful for everyone who has supported us in any way—whether by lending a hand, providing temporary housing, offering prayers, bringing meals, or watching our kids so we could focus on other matters. Your generosity over this past year means the world to us, and we are thankful beyond words.

Artwork Preview

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These prints are available for a recommended donation of $15, though you are welcome to contribute more if you wish.

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