Lake Michigan Beach Session with the Martz Family

I love photographing large families!

I ask my clients if there is anything that I need to know about their family before their session. This momma got me with her response. “I just want to hold my babies”😭 

Our families look very similar with young children and a set of twins. I often lament over how fast they grow and all I feel like I am missing with so many needing me. When she said “ I just want to hold my babies” it hit me straight in the heart because that is all I want as well. I want time to slow down so I can hold them and soak it in. 

That isn’t really something we can do because time is a thief. But I understand this desperate mothers plea to hold on.

So I pray that amidst the chaos that a session with littles can bring (IYKYK) these quick precious moments are captured… a softness and stillness that will linger forever in a picture. That when the image is viewed, she sees all of her love poured out in that single moment and the way it is received by her child. Something we don’t get to see in the midst of it all.

Alissa Saylor is an award winning lifestyle and portrait photographer in west Michigan specializing in intimate motherhood, family, baby, maternity, and newborn photography. 

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